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    Aerial Firefighting in Texas

    Air-based firefighting is very effective when combined and coordinated with traditional firefighting teams. Our pilots have experience with ground & snorkel tank filling operations, bucket fill operations, along with firefighting strategies & tactics.

    Additional Recovery Efforts

    We work with many home repair and maintenance services to get a detailed inspection of areas that have recently suffered from a natural disaster to identify if your company or service would be useful in the affected area.

    FREE Consultations

    RapidHeli is the only rotor-wing logistics contractor to provide free consultations from responsive, dedicated specialists. Call us to get a quote for any type of response and recovery effort you may have in Texas. When disaster strikes, we're prepared to find the best solution for you.

    Disaster Response Helicopters

    We provide your own dedicated helicopter charter expert that will handle the FAA flight plans as well as arrange any necessary requirements to aid in your response or recovery needs in Texas. Disaster can strike at any moment, which creates unique situations that demand flexibility in planning and execution, with fast response times.

    Our helicopters can be ready the moment disaster strikes.
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