Common misconceptions and questions regarding RapidHeli in Texas.

    Here is some helpful information about our service.

    Performing one project with a helicopter tells you all you need to know.

    Each project has different requirements. Using one type of helicopter doesn’t give the breadth of expertise to have appropriate expectations, especially when it comes to cost.

    Helicopters are only useful in unusual circumstances where the drop point is difficult to reach.

    Because helicopters are time-efficient, easy, and safe, they can be used in a variety of circumstances. For single unit lifts, helicopters are more viable when the drop point is difficult to reach. Each additional unit increases the applicability of helicopters.

    Breaking down units lacks enough benefit for the effort.

    Although not always, helicopters with lower weight capacities also have lower prices. To gain significant savings, we work with clients to remove components of the load to temporarily reduce the weight below the capacity of a more cost-efficient helicopter.

    Helicopters cost more than ground-cranes

    Helicopters generally cost more per hour and complete more lifts per hour. The increased productivity often more than offsets the more concentrated cost per hour.

    What separates your luxury charters from the next guy?

    RapidHeli has unlimited assets across North America to provide you with the exact class of helicopter you need. We also provide a full concierge service to take care of all your travel needs.

    What's the difference between a "tour", "charter", and "survey"?

    The word "tour" can mean many things to different people. Tours, involve sightseeing and personal rides. To view our tours page click HERE

    If you're looking in the direction of touring a piece of land, real estate opportunity, construction site or aerial inspection please visit our ariel survellience page HERE.

    Regarding any passenger charters for pickup & drop off. This would include services like airport to airport, airport to hotel, and special event transportation please visit our executive charters service page HERE.