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    Wet Spreading

    RapidHeli provides the most efficient form of wet spreading in Texas. We can customize any mixture including seed, mulch, fertilizer, lime, and water. Unlike fixed wing aircraft, helicopters excel at operating in small, congested areas and can paint your products exactly where you need, quickly and efficiently

    Dry Spreading

    Using a dry spreading bucket, RapidHeli can cover crop planting and reclamation seeding fast and effectively in Texas. Texas farmers rely on helicopters to spread dry fertilizer and lime much faster than traditional ground-based methods.

    Precise Application

    Using the precise aerial application of helicopters, RapidHeli can be sure your fields stay healthy and productive. This level of precision not only requires less product for application, but also allows jobs to be completed in a very short time. Keep your cotton, sorghum, rice, wheat, corn, hay, and other harvests safe and healthy this season.

    Frost Control

    Whether it's a radiation or advection freeze, when cold weather is threatening your harvest in Texas. RapidHeli can use thermal inversion, grabbing the warm air above your orchard or field and pushing that warm air back down onto your crop, potentially saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in possible damages.

    Helicopter Forestry

    Helicopter forestry requires intense planning and consideration to account for the external yarding distance, felling and bucking (determining the size and cutting of the trees to minimize scarification to the area), weather conditions, hook cycle (the area where the wood is choked and hooked), wood availability, and more. This is why our expert staff at RapidHeli is essential in handling these logistics for our Texas partners.

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