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    Aerial vs. Ground Cranes

    RapidHeli uses aerial cranes in Amarillo as a more effective solution with higher precision, quicker transport/installation, and more cost-effective solutions to projects. Ground-based cranes often require multiple time-consuming setups and breakdowns, can only work in fixed locations and aren't able to manage in difficult terrain.

    Avoid Unnecessary Hassle

    You won’t have to deal with nearly the amount of red tape, hassle, land conservation issues, travel delays, and Loop 335 and I-27 traffic control/jams associated with ground-cranes. Using a helicopter's vertical approach, RapidHeli's services will be much less invasive which allows for more freedom to complete projects without shutting down right-of-way areas, while minimizing damage to existing environments up to 95%.

    Hundreds of Helicopters

    Because other companies & services in Texas have limited assets, they might suggest a certain aircraft that may end up generating unnecessary costs where a different variety of aircraft would fit better and keep you under budget. We don't own any helicopters we use. Therefore we can unbiasedly sub-contract the best aircraft and pilots to suit your project.

    FREE Consultations

    RapidHeli is the only rotor-wing logistics contractor to provide free consultations from responsive, dedicated specialists. Call us to get a quote for any type of construction project you may have in Texas. We're prepared to find the best solution for you, whether it's a helicopter or ground crane.

    We Lift It All

    • Lumber/ShipLap, Steel, & Rock
    • Concrete Pouring
    • Terminals
    • Crew Transport
    • Signage Placement
    • Support Beams & Trusses
    • Control, Operator, & Machine Rooms
    • Antennae, Mounts
    • Ski Area Maintenance
    • Offshore Operations
    • Heli-portable Drill Operations
    • Utility/Commercial Lifts click HERE

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    Construction Lifts

    We have spent many years providing logistical support to industry leaders in crane construction. This has given us the experience to expertly analyze and decide on the best fit for any and all projects in the Texas area.


    Tons of Equipment

    RapidHeli has transported an exponential amount of weight through a variety of different types of aircraft and can ensure we'll have exactly what you need.