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    HVAC Installation

    RapidHeli services in Amarillo use helicopters as the standard practice for HVAC transport and installation. Helicopter lifts provide an easier, safer, less manpower intensive solution to HVAC unit placement. RapidHeli projects use helicopters to complete commercial HVAC unit installations in a few hours, where a ground crane would have taken substantially longer.

    Poles, Towers, Transmission Lines, and more

    With height only serving as an obstacle for ground cranes, helicopters are the ideal solution for installing poles, stacking and disassembling towers. RapidHeli's tower repair, replacement, and antenna sticking projects can be completed in 1-2 hours. Ground-based crews will take considerably longer, and will end up accumulating unnecessary costs.

    RapidHeli Full Service

    We ensure any flight plans are filed and conduct a safety briefing on site. RapidHeli can also arrange for all rigging inspections along with the rigging itself. Our team can also advise in the unit selection and partial breakdown process, as lower maximum pick weights generally equate to lower costs.

    Construction & Support

    Aerial installation of utilities using helicopters allows access to locations that may be remote or underserved, are difficult to traverse or may be environmentally challenging. Helicopters minimize damage to existing or fragile environments all around Texas up to 95% and additionally have been shown to have diminished right of way intrusion. RapidHeli provides the optimal tool when establishing utilities in newly developed areas within Texas.

    Usefulness in Utilities

    • Pole & Tower Installation, Deconstruction, & Maintenance
    • HVAC Installation & Removal
    • ROW Maintenance
    • Transmission Line Construction
    • Wire Stringing
    • Pipeline Maintenance & Surveys
    • Machinery & Equipment Transport
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    Why do you need RapidHeli in Texas?

    Win more projects by reducing your costs and time. Remove time and money spent on setup & breakdowns, material relocation, and avoid other unnecessary costs associated with old-fashioned methods. RapidHeli will save you an exponential amount of time with examples like a setup of approximately 40 utility poles in around 5 hours, which could take up to 3 weeks using a ground crane.

    We don't own the helicopters we use. Don't rely on what other services "have available". Our team can unbiasedly select the perfect pilot, aircraft, and equipment to cater to your specific job.

    • More Aircraft Variety
    • Less Time Wasted on Setup & Breakdowns
    • Countless Years of Experience
    • 100% Safety Record (No Injuries on Job)
    • 97% Jobs Completed On Time and Under Budget
    • Unbiased Logistics
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