RapidHeli's helicopter services offers more solutions.

    When operating in The Yellow Rose of Texas with so many things to consider such as: optimal FAA routes, ideal aircraft capacity, increased pick to drop radius, disassembly and reassembly for relocation, counterweights, etc., There can be too many factors and variables to balance. RapidHeli takes care of it all.


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    Take advantage of our variety in aircraft and solutions, by contacting
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    A Reliable Helicopter Service in Amarillo.

    RapidHeli offers a wide range of services in Amarillo. Whether selecting our more popular heavy external load and aerial surveillance services, to luxury charters and agriculture spraying. Because of RapidHeli's logistical expertise and networking connections in Texas, we can fulfill virtually all service request types.

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    We are dependable. We are transparent. We are RapidHeli.

    RapidHeli is an alternate brand of Make Safe LLC b/b/a FairLifts, and our corporate office is located in Kennesaw, Georgia. We adjudicate the logistics associated with road closures, routes, building for evacuations, congested area flight plans, insurance requirements, external & internal load limitations, fuel trucks, rigging methods, staging areas, and all other planning. Our vetted subcontractors operate the aircraft in accordance with our planning, with all appropriate FAA certifications, maintenance, insurance, EMR & OSHA records.

    All employees at RapidHeli, to be in compliance with state & national regulations, are fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 Virus. Every employee has also been registered with E-Verify, and maintains up-to-date education to keep up with the current FAA standards and regulations. This is to ensure that you are always speaking to a highly qualified and knowledgeable logistics specialist. Our company is also covered under Commercial General Liability for premises worth up to $2,000,000.00 USD.

    We help our clients.

    To win their projects so their companies can grow

    Our clients look to us as guides, and we weave our deep logistical experience into our aircraft services.

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      Lifts Executed

    [RapidHeli] always rises to the occasion, for any helicopter service imaginable! Their customer service, efficiency and delivery is above and beyond! You can count on [RapidHeli] for a team that is reliable, trustworthy and extremely helpful! I choose [RapidHeli] because I know that whatever I need, they put their time and effort into making it happen. Working with [RapidHeli] means that you can have full assurance and confidence in any event or occasion you are planning!!!

    We rented a Heli for a movie shoot last weekend. Couldn’t have been a BETTER experience. Easy to work with. The prices were affordable. Jim (the pilot) was super nice and cool. The helicopter was clean. He worked with all our needs and explained everything to us.I highly recommend using these guys and their services for whatever it is you need. They do all kinds of custom work and jobs. Will 100% use in the future. Wonderful experience and couldn’t have asked for it to go any smoother.

    My insurance company/employer hired [RapidHeli] to assist with a truck extraction in the mountains of Southern Utah. We knew we had to act fast due to the inevitable snow storms in the upcoming weeks. I was initially intimidated by the idea of having to hire a helicopter on an insurance claim, but thanks to FairLifts’s consistent communication everything went great. Time was of the essence for us and [RapidHeli] had the right helicopter at the right time and place. The communication at [RapidHeli] put me at ease and made me feel comfortable about being able to trust the company and the pre-payment request. [RapidHeli] came through for us in a difficult and challenging insurance claim situation. I would definitely recommend them to anyone that needs a helicopter for their project.

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    Save time. Get a higher return. Multiply profits.


    Accelerated Results

    Our comprehensive services and highly experienced teams can help expedite projects of any size, type, or scale in Amarillo. Along with our expertise, RapidHeli has completed projects in a few hours, that would've taken ground-based methods days or weeks.


    Logistical Analysis

    RapidHeli offers services in Amarillo with our highly trained logistics experts to handle all of your needs from start to finish. We pride ourselves on better customer service and more availability than our competitors.


    Versatile Arsenal

    Helicopters are the most useful and versatile tools in aviation and having the right tool for the job is critical to make sure that you achieve your goals on time and under budget.

    Common misconceptions and questions regarding RapidHeli services in Texas.

    Here is some helpful information about our service.

    Performing one project with a helicopter tells you all you need to know.

    Each project has different requirements. Using one type of helicopter doesn’t give the breadth of expertise to have appropriate expectations, especially when it comes to cost.

    Helicopters are only useful in unusual circumstances where the drop point is difficult to reach.

    Because helicopters are time-efficient, easy, and safe, they can be used in a variety of circumstances. For single unit lifts, helicopters are more viable when the drop point is difficult to reach. Each additional unit increases the applicability of helicopters.

    Breaking down units lacks enough benefit for the effort.

    Although not always, helicopters with lower weight capacities also have lower prices. To gain significant savings, we work with clients to remove components of the load to temporarily reduce the weight below the capacity of a more cost-efficient helicopter.

    Helicopters cost more than ground-cranes

    Helicopters generally cost more per hour and complete more lifts per hour. The increased productivity often more than offsets the more concentrated cost per hour.

    What separates your luxury charters from the next guy?

    RapidHeli has unlimited assets across North America to provide you with the exact class of helicopter you need. We also provide a full concierge service to take care of all your travel needs.

    What's the difference between a "tour", "charter", and "survey"?

    The word "tour" can mean many things to different people. Tours involve sightseeing and personal rides. Although we don't offer "pre-packaged tours", you can learn about the differences and what we do have availible HERE

    If you're looking in the direction of touring a piece of land, real estate opportunity, construction site or aerial inspection please visit our aerial surveillance page HERE.

    Regarding any passenger charters for pickup & drop off. This would include services like airport to airport, airport to hotel, and special event transportation please visit our executive charters service page HERE.